Pittsford Community Garden


Established 2018

The community garden located at the Pittsford Village Farm is open to anyone, whether they reside in Pittsford or elsewhere. Our mission is to bring our community together to nourish our bodies, minds, and souls.

Building Community

Join fellow gardeners and celebrate in events during the growing season. We try to meet monthly to do a general clean up of shared spaces and exchange ideas and feedback. This is also a great time to arrange seed, plant, and harvest swaps.

The garden community is in the process of creating a pick-your-own space, open to anyone. We will be cultivating berries, flowers, rhubarb, and asparagus. Donations can be left in the donation box on the garden sign.



Supporting Our Neighbors

Excess food is donated to the Pittsford Food Shelf. This year, we will be dedicating several plots exclusively for donation.

To sign up for a plot, please follow this link.

Rates are $25 for a 4’x15’ plot. $10 for non-profits.